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UX Index Pyramid

A comprehensive, 10-day user experience audit.

Need to get a fair picture of how does your product stack up against your competition?

Our UX Index is comprised of user research based on Nielsen heuristics, experience pyramid (pragmatic-hedonistic spectrum), and enhanced benchmarking – all to give you a fair and valid insight into what works, and what doesn’t. This is our proprietary tool, and we’re using it with pride.

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How we run the audit

First, we test your product on 5 levels, represented as a pyramid

UX Index provides you with a score (0%-100%) reflecting the overall experience of people using your product. The index will tell you how usable your product is, how it’s perceived by others, how it compares to the market, and how it can be improved.

The UX pyramid


Is it pleasant to use the service?


How willing are people to use the service?


How efficiently are people using the service?

Ease of use

Do people know how to use the service?


Does the service let people reach their goals?

To build a product people will want and stick to, you need to take care of all the levels of the pyramid

We use objective and subjective metrics for all the pyramid levels.

Objective metrics
Based on Nielsen’s heuristics. They focus on effectiveness and ease of use.

Subjective metrics
Where user research comes into play. They look mostly at performance, attachment, and joy.


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