Symmetry between

human and technology

Part 1: AI and information search

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  1. How did the reality of information searching change after the appearance of ChatGPT?
  2. What information do we search using traditional search engines,
    and which one using ChatGPT?
  3. How do we evaluate a search results generated by ChatGPT?
  4. What doubts do we have about ChatGPT?
  5. Is ChatGPT a threat to traditional search engines?

The first study in Poland on information searching with ChatGPT.


4 research areas

How do we use ChatGPT?

How do we search for information using ChatGPT?

Should traditional search engines be afraid of ChatGPT?

How do we understand ChatGPT?

How often users use ChatGPT and how they run it?

How do users ask questions when using ChatGPT, and do they verify the received answers?

What type of information is searched more often in a traditional search engine and what in ChatGPT?

What elements of ChatGPT are already known to users and which are not yet?

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Monika Banach

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