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Client: VIG

Application project for appraisers 

Property 1=vig

We have improved the design of the application for the loss adjusters. As a result, the user will benefit from the optimized working time on a single commission and from a higher number of orders per month/year.



Our role
  • Product Prototyping 
  • User Testing 
  • Design Sprint 
  • Usability Testing 
  • Qualitative Testing


Improving the application for appraisers

Our main challenge was to improve a functioning application for appraisers in terms of tasks to be performed, and optimization of working time on a particular order. The project involved optimization of particular stages of the liquidation and closure of damages.


As a result our client gained optimization of working time regarding execution of orders. It was reflected in an increase of orders’ number on a monthly/basis. The new application facilitated and shortened the working time of appraisers spent on a single order.

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